Kereta Sewa Murah Di Langkawi

Mitsubishi evo

Mitsubishi evo

Dapatkan Kereta Sewa Murah Di Langkawi Bersama Kami

Harga di Jamin Murah dan berbaloi

Toyota Innova, Toyota Avanza, Toyota Hiace, Nissan Urvan, Mitsubishi Evo, Nissan sentra, Wira, Viva, Kancil, Alphard


Kami juga ada menyediakan Bas Persiaran untuk di sewa dan ianya amat murah dan berbaloi sesuai untuk group besar menginap di langkawi.

homestay dan apartment juga ada disediakan jadi bagi lengkap ..tempah penginapan dan juga pengangkutan di langkawi

nak lagi jimat dan murah kan???

nak lagi>>>

pakej island hopping dan mangrove tour pun ada….

cakap je apa yang di mahukan maka pihak kami akan memberikan yang terbaik buat anda semua.


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Booking Homestay At Langkawi Island

Booking Home stay At Langkawi Island- Eylizar Home stay

What’s important to you when you’re planning your holiday? Would you like to be fully immersed in the customs and culture of a different country? A lot of people want to visit faraway places but worry about the standard of accommodation in their chosen destination.

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Here are just some of the benefits of selecting Home stay accommodation.

Home stay accommodation is much cheaper than staying in a hotel. There are no hidden charges. You know in advance exactly what is included in the price.

By staying with a Host Family and sharing their day to day life, you get firsthand experience of the customs and culture in your chosen destination.

There’s no need to book expensive tours, your Host Family will be keen to show you the sights.

Maybe most important of all, you can be assured of a safe and comfortable environment.

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Langkawi Island Best Destination For Holidays

Langkawi Island Best Destination For Holidays

Langkawi island is known to be the biggest inhibited island with 478.5 square kilometers. Meanwhile, Kuah is the second with 45,000 human populations and the other one is Tuba Island. Most of the uninhibited ones are commonly rocky surface while some are divided by narrow canals which make them can be crossed by small boats.

Mystery Myths and Legend of the Beautiful Langkawi

Langkawi Island that once was a land of the pirates has many fabulous myths and legends which can attract both local and foreign tourists. Langkawi people boast for old tales about ogres, giant birds, beautiful princesses, great warriors, and romance stories. All of these became their wonderful heritages which are brought down from their ancestors. The islands around the area are also can be proud on their exceptional rock formations and countless caves which rich with stalactites and stalagmites, magnificent scenery and tremendously exotic beaches that offering all year round sunshine to satisfy your tanning cravings. For an example, tourists may go to Cenang Beach or Rhu Bay for a wonderful holiday under the warmly convenient sunshine.

Beach, On Land and Underwater World!

Marvelous white beaches around the island, idyllic crystal-clear water plus captivating marine life will give most tourists especially the scuba-divers irresistible offers to be missed out. Water sports and recreational enthusiast will certainly fall in love with Langkawi Island when their holiday becomes the most attractive ever as it provides lots of water sport activities throughout every year by both local and international bodies.

On the other side, there still lots of many places of interest in Langkawi Island. It is a must for tourists for visiting Mahsuri Mausoleum, which is the most famous legendary woman in Langkawi Island’s history who was sentenced to death for adultery that she did not commit. She was stabbed to death and her bleed white blood as a sign of her innocence. Then, she cursed Langkawi to be desecrated from peace and prosperity for seven generations.

More than 5,000 species of aquatic life are placed in the marine aquarium at the Langkawi’s Underwater World. This place also placed a few numbers of mammals and reptile species. However, visitors who want to go to Kuah by ferry will be warmly greeted by the giant eagle statue. This landmark is a really great and nice place to take stroll due to the magnificent scenery and make it a suitable place for taking photos.

Duty-free Shopping – Mean Cheap!

Shopping addicts also can find their heavenly places in Langkawi Island as it offers duty-free shopping on a variety of local and imported goods. You can shop where offers provided for a wide range of items from perfume, cosmetics, sport gear, leather products, confectionery, cigarettes and liquor at affordable prices.

Key Tips

Visitors are only allowed to bring back a carton and a bottle of liquor to the mainland after staying at 48 hours on Langkawi Island in order to avoid the items being taken illegally. On the other hand, there are lots of resorts as well as hotels to be chosen depending on your budget. There is also list of accommodations which suit your financial budget, visit Langkawi now!

by Najmi

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Langkawi Island To Discover

Langkawi Island To Discover

The Langkawi Discovery Day Tour is a great path to investigate the principle island’s offerings; begin the day with a visit to Eagle Square – Langkawi’s sprawling 19-plot of land equal to 4840 square yards point of interest with a titan bronze hawk statue. Subsequently, take a short stroll over to the Jetty Point where you can find booths pushing keepsakes; later investigate Kuah’s job free shopping scene.

The following stop on the schedule tackles an unwinding drive down to the Galleria Perdana, a historical center devoted to Malaysia’s fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir – it’s a better than average path to see images of the nation’s multilateral ties. Afterward you’ll be carried to Oriental Village, home of the link auto – gondola-style taxicabs that take you from the foot of Gunung Machinchang to its peak; it’s an amazing method of survey Langkawi’s thick greenery and additionally to get an elevated perspective of the Telaga Tujuh waterfalls and remote islets. They keep going stop on the tour is Underwater World – this artificial monster fish tank is one of Southeast Asia’s most amazing seagoing and freshwater aquaria and also a permanently notorious Langkawi fascinating – particularly for families with kids.

written by Najmie

Homestay Dan Kereta Sewa Murah Langkawi

Homestay Dan Kereta Sewa Murah Langkawi

Jika anda merancang ingin bercuti di Langkawi bersama keluarga anda, pastinya anda inginkan penginapan dan kereta sewa pandu sendiri yang selesa murah serta jimat kosnya.

langkawi island

Langkawi island

Jadi mengapa perlu tunggu lagi, buatlah tempahan percutian anda bersama Eylizar Homestay Langkawi. Pihak kami menyediakan pakej Homestay, apartment, kereta sewa Pandu sendiri, package Island Hopping Dan juga mangrove tour. Kami juga mempunyai rangkaian penginapan yang banyak di Langkawi serta sebuah syarikat Bumiputera yang berdaftar di atas nama Eylizar Enterprise KV 0008808-U.

Kebanyakan homestay kami berada di sekitar Pekan Kuah, Pantai Cenang dan juga Taman Nilam jika hendak lebih ekonomi kami menyediakan 3 buah rest house dan bezanya .. Rest house Ni tak disediakan dapur Dan washing Machine yang lain semua cukup. Bagi homestay kami dan juga apartment kami semuanya mempunyai 3 bilik dan 2 bilik air dan aircond untuk master bedroomsahaja. Lain pula dengan apartment yang menyediakan lebih kemudahan seperti semua bilik aircond serta swimming pool untuk kegunaan anda.

Untuk kereta sewa juga kami membekalkan kepada anda berbagai jenis kereta antaranya ialah seperti:

·MPV- Toyota Alphard, Innova, Avanza,

·Van – Nissan Urvan, Kia Preggio, Toyota Hiace,

·Toyota Vios, Saga FLX, Honda City, Honda Accord, Wira, Viva, Kancil, Pesona, Mitsubishi, Waja, Toyota Altis, dan banyak lagi.

Sebarang tempahan Homestay, Apartment dan juga kereta sewa hendaklah di masukkan dahulu depositnya kedalam akaun Syarikat kami. Kesemua kereta sewa yang di booking bersama kami adalah berlesen jadi anda tak perlu risau jika berlaku sebarang malapetaka disini. Anda juga tak perlu risau pihak kami akan menghantar kenderaan kepada anda jika anda berada di Jetty Langkawi mahupun anda datang menggunakan Airport Langkawi.

Jika ada di antara anda ingin kami menguruskan group yang besar seperti rombongan kerja dan sekolah bolehlah berurusan dengan kami terus. Pihak kami akan cuba sebaik mungkin untuk mengaturkan penginapan, transportation serta pakej aktiviti di Langkawi.

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Langkawi Island Best Destination

The biggest of these islands is called Langkawi Island and is greater than the Penang Island.the different islands in this assembly are Island of Pregnant Maiden (Pulau Dayang Bunting), Lion Island (Pulau Singa Besar) and Beras Basah Island.the littlest of these islands are atolls harshly the span of a common house!

monkey in langkawi island

Langkawi is authored from the Malay expressions Lang and Kawi. Lang is a tan bird and Kawi is a nearby manganese stone.the aged anglers must have seen falcons flying gripping the manganese stones! A monster landmark of a tan bird gripping the manganese stone welcomes all guests to Langkawi close to the Kuah Jetty.

The primary vacation destinations of Langkawi Island is its virgin white sandy beaches.the vacation spots have extremely delicate mainland incline and the water is perfectly clear.

This island is special as in it has such a variety of legendsand myths connected with it.langkawi Island is subsequently additionally called Pulau Lagenda or Legendary Island.

The most discussed legend is that of Mahsuri who is said to have laid a condemnation on this island for seven generations.luckily the time of this condemnation is over now and Langkawi Island is quick turning into a globally recognised visitor end.

The administration of Malaysia has proclaimed the whole Langkawi Island as an obligation free zone. Thus this island is likewise termed Duty Free Island.all merchandise sold in this island are exempted from government tax.therefore this Legendary Island is a sanctuary for the just need to stay in Langkawi for at least 48 hours to take back home a sensible measure of expense free products.

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Kereta Sewa Langkawi

Plan your holiday in Langkawi Island. We are providing rental car in this island such as all kinds of MPV, Honda City, Viva, wira, saga and many more upon request.

Nissan Urvan

Nissan Urvan

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