Riding the scariest cable car in the world



Source : Triggerpit.com

Cable car rides have conflicting objectives, I think. Widely used to enjoy eagle’s eye panoramic views, but at the same time, it is scary. The height, the steep climbing and descending angles, and there is no where we can run for an escape. I think it is equal to roller coasters, only it is slower and took longer time to complete. I admit, after I rode in the Langkawi Cable Car, I am no longer terrified by other cable car, like the Genting Highland cable car. Here are some pictures from the  Langkawi Cable Car..enjoy 😀



The Skycab have two stations, the middle and the top station. There is also a skybridge you can walk on, from one of the stations. The bridge was claimed to be as the scariest bridge in the world. However, I am unable to walk on it due to bridge closed for…

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