Long-haul lessons

This Small Corner

The last few weeks have been hectic, moving around a lot, meeting lots of new people and admittedly partying a bit too hard. I worked out that despite being a ‘solo traveller’ I’ve not actually had one night in eleven weeks on my own.


First there was New Zealand travelling in a van with the lovely Hannah, then eight amazing weeks in Fiji living with my adopted family and the rest of the volunteers, a week staying with friends in Singapore and, most recently, seven days of fun and sun in Langkawi. Of course, there were moments in which to think about the journey so far, but I was never far from a friendly face. Since being in Penang, left largely to my own devices, I’ve realised some important things about myself and how I travel:

  1. I like routine. As boring as it sounds, when everything else is constantly changing…

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